About Us

BULLSNET, The finest Graphic Designing, Project and Online Services Centre in Thrissur of the best in class services to the customers since 2000. We offer high speed internet connectivity with a speed of 100 Mbps with Intel I3 computers. Our well experienced and highly qualified staff offers the best service in fulfilling customer's needs. Our working time from 8AM to 10PM at night and Sundays.

Computer Graphic Designing, Project and Online Services and All of the IT services are under one roof.... In 1991, DTP, Graphic Designing and Internet Center, named ChipValley Bullsnet took over the name Bullsnet in 2000. Thrissur's own Bullsnet is one of the most well known in the heart of the city, keeping 18 years of Computer Education and Computer Services.

Bullsnet is still with you and forever....... 4000 Sq.Ft Bullsnet was raised by a fast service and precision, as it was a Photostat/Internet Online Service of about 100 Sq.Ft before 19 years.

Bullsnet Colour Park India Pvt.Ltd, Non - Computer Services such as colour printing(A1, A2, A3, 12*18, 13*19M Logo, Flyer Poster, Banner, Brochure, Flex Designing, Catalogue, Letter Head, Visiting/ Thanks Cards, Motion Graphics, Audio/ Video Editing, Magazine Designing, Wedding Album Designing, Photo Restoration, Photo Black & White to Colour and other Internet services are also available.
There are also opportunities for student and house wives as part time and work for training and job training.Bullsnet specialties include the latest technology machines and expert staff.

Nadinet Students Centre, Nandinet is an Sister Concern that offers customer's requests because of the crowd in Bullsnet. Experienced staff are working every day between 8AM to 10PM at night and Sundays to provide better services for the needs of the Internet, Seminar, Project Works, Thesis Works, All Education Online Applications and Card Payments, Photostat, Lamination, Fax, DTP( English, Malayalam, Hindi and Sanskrit), Invitation Cards, Book Binding, Ticket Booking(All Types), PVC ID Cards and Rubber Seal etc.

Bullsnet Computer Education (A C-DIT Division under Govt.of Kerala). The top centre of CDIT with the most successful students. House wives, Officials, General Public, School Graduates and Students are eligible for admission to more than 50 Computer courses recognized by the Govt. & PSC Courses: - DIM-Multimedia, Premier, AutoCAD, Exterior and Interior, Graphic Designing, Editing, DCFM,CCA , Tally with GST, SAP, Foreign Accounting, DCA, PGDCA, TTC, C++, Java, PHP, Oracle, MySQL, VB.NET, Python, DTP, Data Entry, CDECO, Programming Tuitions etc..

Bullsnet, Managing Director, T S ANOOP BABU has shown that in any field, if there is purity, hard work and dedication it will be high success.

We invite you to make your dreams come true. We consider customers are our big assets and strength.